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Built Up Gold Stainless Steel

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perfect for establishing a luxurious entrance to any premises

Gold stainless steel is a very specialist finish for those built up letters and signage that require a high end and luxury look. Commonly used in architectural signs, this type of material is a fantastic choice that comes in satin or mirror polished finishes. Unlike painted or other coloured metal products that can be flat in appearance, this gold stainless steel is reflective, lively and makes a dynamic material for signage, construction projects & retail.

  • 100% re-cyclable
  • 12 month warranty
  • Laser cut and hand finished
  • 316 marine grade steel available
  • High end premium aesthetic finish
  • Very durable, impressive damage resistance and non-corrosive

Built up gold stainless steel letters & logos can be used internally or externally being a totally weather proof product with a tough finish. If the signage is to be used near the coast or in a high pollution area we would always advise you use 316 marine grade stainless steel. Salt water & air pollutants can deposit on the chromium layer causing tarnishing and surface staining unless cleaned and maintained regularly.

We use Rimex Metals for our gold stainless steel stock. It comes in a variety of colours and finished but the main two we use are hairline (brushed/satin) or mirror gold.
 The material we know as stainless steel (also commonly referred to as "Inox" or "Rostfrei") is such a common feature of 21st century living that there can be few of us who have not seen or handled articles made from it. Like all types of steel, stainless steel is not a single metal but an alloy that is a material made from two or more separate elements alloyed or "melted" together. 

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