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Built Up Rimless 3D Letters

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Very popular, sleek and modern

Built up rimless 3D letters are an extremely popular type of sign due to its sleek design build and fashionable looks. This unique style of built up letter allows the customer to face illuminate without the need of a rim (as opposed to rim & return). This allows the face material, usually and opal acrylic, to sit flush to the return of the letter which gives the impression of a free floating face.


  • 100% re-cyclable
  • 12 month warranty
  • Laser cut and hand finished
  • 316 marine grade steel available
  • High end premium aesthetic finish
  • Experienced team of fabricators and technician
  • Very durable, impressive damage resistance and non-corrosive
  • Wet spray or powder coat Colour match to RAL, BS or Pantone
  • A combination of face and halo illumination with many colour options

Built up rimless letters are usually fabricated form stainless steel and are are below 600mm in cap height. The is the optimum size that can be achieved before the illuminated acrylic face needs a 'rim' to stop the face flexing.

Using a special adhesive the CNC rebated edge of the acrylic face is then set into the can and fixed in place, leaving a 5mm stroke of acrylic round the profile of the letter. A back tray would then be made to suit the 3D letters, either from Foamex, Aluminium, Steel or Polycarbonate with your preferred method of illumination taken into account for either a face lit, face & halo, or halo only illumination.

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