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Built Up Rim and Return Letters

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Any finish on the sides with Halo and or face illumination

Built up rim and return letters are an extremely fashionable and trending design build for brands and businesses, usually used on the larger projects. Unlike rimless letters, rim and return letters get their name from the stroke or rim that meets the face material, which is usually around 20-30mm in width.

  • Powder coat or wet-spray to RAL, BS or Pantone for complete control
  • A combination of face and halo illumination with many colour options
  • Weather proof & hardwearing, very durable and non-corrosive
  • Experienced team of fabricators and technicians
  • High end premium aesthetic finish
  • 316 marine grade steel available
  • Laser cut and hand finished
  • 12 month warranty
  • 100% re-cyclable

The rim is not only used as an aesthetic finish but also acts as a fixing method for the face material on larger built up letters where flexing of the face and potential movement may be a concern. With a little creativity lots of different effects and looks can be achieved using an eclectic mix of face and carcass materials, creating whole new looks.

A back tray would then be made to suit the 3D letters, either from Foamex, Aluminium, Steel or Polycarbonate with your preferred method of illumination taken into account for either a face lit, face & halo, or halo only illumination.

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