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New Revenue For Property Developers - Turn Your Development Into Advertising Real Estate from £10 per sqm

Posted by James Laird on

Many people in the construction industry view scaffolding as a means to an end. Scaffolding is an unsightly but necessary part of the process and covering it in printed graphics is horrendously expensive and normally only undertaken at the insistence of the client or planning authority.

I want to dispel the 'expensive' myth right now. Sure, local banner and sign shops working with 1.3-1.6m wide printers as an average size will try to get an average of £30+ per metre for printed mesh. A roll of mesh at these sizes is relatively expensive per square metre. Solvent and latex ink for these machines per millilitre is also relatively expensive. Their hands are tied as to how low they can go, as they're simply not equipped to produce in-house scaffold building wraps, but they're often the first port of call in a city for councils and construction companies when quotes are required.

There's no getting away from the fact that buying raw materials in bulk equals discounts and assembly line process manufacturing delivers further discounts to the end user. Just like Henry Ford's Model T production line.

That's how our scaffolding and building wraps are made. Assembly line production and selling via e-commerce is how we achieve a rate of £10 per square metre delivered to our customers. But please don't look at this price and think corners have been cut somewhere. Our printed mesh conforms to EU Fire Regulations and is fully certified.

So now that the expensive part of scaffolding and building wraps has been dealt with, the opportunities for the advertising and construction industries are huge. You could turn that unsightly scaffolding into a revenue generating machine, or you may wish to have a rendered graphic of what the finished development will become, so as to blend in with sympathy to the surrounding environment whilst the project is progress.

Whatever the motivation for wrapping your development, we can ensure that the cost, which will be an insignificant percentage of the overall project, is not a deciding factor.

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