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Choose Life. Choose an iPhone case with your cat's face on it. Choose

Posted by James Laird on

There are a lot of businesses offering online printing these days. Our expertise comes from mainly the graphic design industry and then applying that creativity to signage manufacturing and exhibition display.

However our message since we launched Signsaver was to continually bring products to you that represent high quality opportunities for advertising your brand at fantastic prices. With that in mind, the change to an ecommerce business model has meant our potential customer base is considerably larger than before and perhaps no longer solely b2b. We now have customers who are not necessarily businesses but artists, designers, students, hobbyists and cool young dudes.

This has always been the catch with printed apparel and business gifts as they’re part of a business model that relies on a ‘minimum order quantity’ in order to have competitive prices. Want 20 hoodies? – No problem… split the set-up/origination cost over 20 and you have a respectable price. However what if you just want one hoodie? 1 smartphone case? 1 tote bag? It just wasn’t feasible with the system used throughout that industry.

 This is where we see an opportunity to bring value to the individual, not just the businesses. Our new printed clothing and personalised gifts collections have no minimum order quantity.

            “What did you say?”

No minimum order quantity. Take a moment to let that sink in if you have to. Ok, ready? Let’s imagine you have just designed the best album cover ever, in the history of album covers to come out of the burgeoning Fraserburgh easy listening death metal punk jive boogie woogie scene, and you can now print that undoubtedly winning design onto your hoodie. Just your own personalised hoodie, from only £24.99! From the outset, quality for our customers is paramount, so we supply brands you can rely on including American Apparel, Gildan and AWD.


Perhaps you’re a small business and you just want 3 items to cover your 3 staff, or maybe a unique gift for a special customer, whom you’ve noticed using an iPhone with no case. Order a unique one-off meaningful printed case for them. They won’t forget you in a hurry. The same applies to gifts for family and friends and with our easy to download artwork templates it couldn’t be easier to set-up and order.

If you do require larger quantities get in touch with more details and we can give you a price that reflects the quantity you desire.

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