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Acrylic Flat Cut Letters

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The Most Mopular Material for Sign Lettering

Acrylic (Perspex) is used in an array of products in the sign industry and by far the most popular material for flat cut acrylic lettering and logos. As an extremely affordable and speedy solution for signage such as retail or exhibitions, flat cut acrylic letters can be used on their own, or in a combination of ways with sign trays, built up letters and more.

  • 100% re-cyclable
  • 12 month warranty
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Acrylic has a higher impact strength than glass
  • Assembly and production of acrylic flat cut letters and logos are very quick

As an incredibly versatile substrate, acrylic is made from a bi-product from turning crude oil into petrol. To put it simply Acrylic is a thick sheet of quality cast plastic that can be heated to conform into many different shapes and used in many ways.

Common brands of high-grade cast acrylic include Perspex, Acrycast, Plexiglas & Repsol with a glossy finish. It is the perfect product for achieving an effective, professional & sophisticated look.

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